NPTC Staff: John Nolte, PhD.

John Nolte [email John]

John Nolte has been a psychodramatic practitioner and trainer for over forty years. John has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Washington University and was trained in psychodrama by J.L. Moreno, M.D., the originator of psychodrama and other action methods, and his wife, Zerka Moreno. He is certified as a Trainer-Educator-Practitioner by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. He is recognized by the psychodrama community as a senior and respected practitioner of the Morenean methods as well as a seasoned trainer. In addition to numerous presentations at professional conferences as well as published articles in professional journals, John has conducted psychodrama training programs in all parts of the United States as well as in Western Europe and was the keynote speaker and presenter for the AustralianNew Zealand Psychodrama Association Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he also conducted training workshops.

His broadranging career has included appointments to the state Departments of Mental Health of both Missouri and Illinois, psychiatric staff positions in private hospitals, and substance abuse and chronic pain rehabilitation programs. He was a charter member of the faculty of Sangamon State University, and established the Midwest Center for Psychodrama & Sociometry, which has offered psychodrama training workshops in a number of midwestern cities. Recently, because of the expansion of workshops into both eastern and western states, the Midwest Center was renamed The National Psychodrama Training Center.

John has always been interested in the application of the psychodramatic and sociometric methods in nonclinical settings. An invitation to the Trial Lawyers College in 1994 started him on a new career, and he now works almost exclusively with lawyers, many of whom have begun attending the regularly scheduled workshops of the National Psychodrama Training Center.

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